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4th December 2017 UPDATE

What happened to time since August,  I have just about finished writing my 400 hundred plus Christmas Cards all I need to do now is post them,  I am pleased to say I rarely work over  Christmas, but I do really like this time of the year, I find all the Christmas Songs a real joy to sing, and remembering all the wonderful friends Barrie & I  have made over the years as I start my 25th Year in Show Business, Not only a Milestone with  wonderful memories, but a milestone in that I must be one of only a  very few handful of English Female Country Artists to have survived that long. Mainly that is down to the Very many fans and friends I have made along the way and who have kept me strong.  So to each and every one of you may I say A BIG THANK YOU,  and take this opportunity to wish everyone

A Very Merry Christmas, and a  Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

and I look forward to managing to see many of you, God Willing, in the next 12 months.


Thank you All      Carolann B



Pleased to say things are looking up,  just hope it’s not the  calm before the storm, but all is looking good on the horizon.  Just  had a great gig at PAWLETT FESTIVAL, and got paid unlike a certain Doncaster based artist who it appears threw a wobbly because not many people as expected and the organiser wanted to pay part cash part cheque  and He went home with just his petrol money - ok 60 people not many at a festival but better than many club venues get.  I must admit I was rather surprised that any Artist would call fellow artists ‘Amateurs & Idiots’  for attending the said Festival. Although I  am not on ‘Facebook’ I have a lot of Friends and Fans who are and I am disgusted at the way the thread developed especially after only hearing one side of the story. Can I just say the Amateur is the one who throws a ’Diva’ fit because the Marque isn’t full - that Amateur went home with his tail between his legs and £70 for his fuel, the professionals are the ones who played  to a small and appreciative audience and were paid in full at the end of their performances. And already have received further bookings in the area.

29th May 2017 UPDATE

Carolann is pleased to inform everyone that the recent heart scare wasn’t a heart problem as such, Carolann has now had the all clear from both the hospital and her own doctors.

Basically  it was Two days without sleep and food when  Her father had his stroke that caused the problem, She is pleased to say that slowly  her Dad is regaining use back in to his legs and can now walk short distances around the house with his aids. Barrie is still managing quite well though his kidney function has taken another dip, but the Surgeons have now placed him onto  the ‘Transplant List’  and hopefully he can manage without Dialysis until a transplant becomes available…. All Fingers and toes crossed for them both.

Carolann would like to again thank everyone for their wishes and kindness shown during the last few months especially all those clubs and Agents that have worked with her to cancel and move gigs around to later in the year.

25 March 2017 UPDATE

Carolann is progressing well with no further problems but is still awaiting tests to see if any long term damage has been caused,   and so to ensure no long term effects . With tablets she is expected to make a full recovery, it just needs a couple of months or so to ensure no repeat problems, she has been told to carry on her life as normal, to see if any repeat problems occur. Her Father is again progressing slowly and hopeful of a nearly full recovery but this could take some time and he is still in a rehabilitation ward at the hospital.

Once again Carolann thanks everyone for their concern and wishes.

28th February 2017 - UPDATE

Firstly Carolann would like to thank everyone for their good wishes for a speedy recovery, and would like to apologise to everyone for the cancellations that have ensued from her illness, including the Liverpool Area Tour that was all cancelled due  to last weekends events. - for an update Carolann is now out of hospital and awaiting follow up tests and scans and has been currently told to rest and recuperate, as for Carolann’s Father, he is still hospitalised and unable to walk but has regained use of his left leg and has now also regained some very limited feeling in his right leg, Doctors are hopeful that he may regain use of both legs and that he may walk again after a period of time.

Once again apologies for and events that have to be cancelled, if you are attending  an event in March or the beginning of April please check with the venue  before travelling - The events will be held but Carolann may not be the artist appearing.

21st February 2017 -

On the evening of the 17th February Carolann’s Dad was rushed into hospital having collapsed at home he had an incident that turned out to be a Stroke, Carolann & Barrie  stayed with him till he was settled onto a ward at 6am the next morning having spent the night with him in A & E,  Carolann had at that point been awake for some 25 hours, They both then travelled home had four hours sleep and returned to the hospital for that day, arriving home exhausted at 9pm that evening , finally getting to bed at 11pm ready to be up early the next morning.

On the  Sunday Morning when they awoke Barrie realised that Carolann looked very pale and flustered, when he asked her if she was OK, she replied No.

Barrie then took Carolann’s blood pressure and pulse and realised something was not right, consulted with a very  medical knowledgeable friend, then dialled 999 for an ambulance,  Medics arrived and Carolann had several ECG’s and was taken to hospital where she was admitted for observations and tests.

5 January 2017 - That’s Christmas and the New Year over, I hope you had a good one as I did, just time to pack away all the trimmings and the tree before we start again for 2017, looking  forward to our Skegness Break at the Royal Hotel at the end of January, and just arranged for a Meeting  for our Mini Festival at Shirebrook to finalise all the details for this year,  We are also in the process of finalising all the Charity Money for Sheffield Hospital, it has taken forever to get things sorted but we are now onto the final stretch, are just trying to get the website updated with the Photo’s etc for our 2016 Charity, we hope to get everything  updated for the 5th February when we get back from Skegness.

20 Dec 2016—Well time this year has flown as we approach the Christmas and the end of 2016, A Really busy time though we do try to wind down during the December/January period, as we like to visit our friends at this time of the year, I would also like to say a big big thanks you to all those that have sent Christmas Cards and Greetings, well over 300 cards and they are still flooding in each day [Sorry Mr Postman for all that weight you have to carry] - It it leaves me to say now is if I don’t see you in person before Christmas Day. HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS  NEW YEAR, Take Care out There and I hope god willing to see very many of you during 2017, Lots of Love everyone, Carolann.

10th Nov 2016—The feedback for our Holiday at  THE MONTEREY BEACH HOTEL at Lytham St. Ann’s , was superb with over 3/4 rebooking for 2017, plus many more bookings coming in, if you want to go then please book early, we were oversubscribed for 2016 and no doubt it will be the same in 2017 as we are limited to 62 places, filling the hotel SEE THE WEBSITE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED

5 rooms left now for our break at SKEGNESS  at the end of January 2017, and bookings are coming in every week  for the Mini Festival for Shirebrook  so hopefully that will be full again this coming year, all artists are now booked through to January 2018 so we look forward to seeing many of you booking early

8th May 2016, well a big thank you to all those that attended our first Mini Festival in Shirebrook, it was extremely hard work but well worthy the effort, a couple of points we noticed but no one mentioned—so hopefully we can put them right for next year which is definitely ON for the  28th April weekend until the 1st May 2017—unfortunately we did make a little loss on this year, but at £30.00 per unit everyone said is was spectacularly cheap, well yes it was but we wanted like always to give everyone great value for money, and a super weekend to boot, and I think we succeeded—We have put the price up to £40 per unit [Caravan-Motorhome or Tent– that includes 2 persons into the entertainment and camping for the weekend, extra persons in units is £20 and we have disabled facilities on site—SEE WEBSITE PAGE for PHOTO’s, all our artists are now booked for our 2016/2017 seasons so see website for the line up at each venue here.

We will be sending out a next newsletter quite soon about the end of the month.

24th Feb 2016

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you of the sudden passing of our friend  Jeff Andrews of Doncaster South Yorkshire.  Jeff and his wife Joan have been Country Music fans for many years and have been regular supporters of the many country Music clubs throughout South Yorkshire and further afield. Our condolences to Joan and their family, this comes on an especially sad day in that we are today attending the funeral of another old friend Sheila Nickels-Padgett of the Northern Renegades at Burton on Trent once again our love and condolences to their families at this sad time.

11th February 2016

A Fabulous weekend was had at the Royal Hotel Skegness,  A Big thank you to all the staff that made us so welcome,  great food fab entertainment  and really nice room meant that we have now got over half booked for 2017.

Barrie & I are now turning our attention  to the Mini Festival  at the end of April for which we have a great line up, and only 5 pitches left so we expect a sell out for the weekend - Carol Ann Breaks are also  pleased to announce that we now have  the final line up sorted for the Monterey Beach Hotel in Lytham St. Ann’s  with Savannah  on the Friday, Carolann B Duo on the Saturday and Gary Perkins on the Sunday,  we still have about 5 rooms left plus a couple of singles with  no extra to pay for single rooms, and we have managed to sort the line up for the Royal Hotel for Jan 2017 with three Duo’s - Clearwater Duo on the Friday, Carolann B Duo on the Saturday and Clear Cut Duo on the Sunday we expect this to sell out quick so contact us if you would like to book a room, single rooms are available at no extra cost, all the details are available from Carolann B Breaks

10th Dec 2015

Well the final payments are now due for our Weekend Break at the End of Jan 16 and we have now got 3/4 full for our mini  festival in April and we are half full for our Tinsel & Turkey Break in November.

So all I need Do now is Wish you all A Very Merry Christmas & A Healthy Happy & Prosperous New Year and hope to catch some of you over the festive season

30th April 2015

Good News we have at last managed to get Barrie fit enough to start up our Weekend breaks starting on the 29th Jan 16 -  1st Feb 16 it’s at The Royal Hotel Skegness and costs from £139  per person with free parking, see advert this page or visit the  webpage  CABHOLS to see the full details

21st April 2015

For those that know me, Dad had a stroke  Sunday, very lucky that although bad enough could have been a lot worse.  I speak to him every day even though I can’t always visit,  I noticed something wrong but he said he was ok, but sounded strange so decided to visit. Clear signs something wasn’t right so rang his Doctor who suggested 999 and hospital - after  scan it became clear he had had a stroke luckiliy it had only effected his  thought to speech area, making him a little hesitant when he was talking, as though he couldn’t remember which word to use to finish his sentences, luckily it will get better, Doctors say 90% recovery on the good side - I’m stopping with him for a week till I’m sure he’s ok.  Very Luckily it’s not effected his humour. Thanks to all those that have sent best wishes good to know so many people  look out for us..... Only one gig cancelled, thanks for your

Understanding and help - see you January. Please say sorry to everyone at the club - [you know who you are]

20 March 2015

Stinking cold for couple of weeks, thank fully now over and raring to go to Portugal with Speed Limit.  Had to put off the finishing touches to CD but will be in studio when I get back. Meanwhile thanks to Arizona Wes who has helped me out on a couple of gigs - those extra few songs from Wes got my lungs through the night, though a bit croaky at the end. Main things was - No clubs let down so the motto holds ‘The show must go on’

Feb 6th 2015

So Sorry not to have posted on this page before this date, though thanks to lots of people most have been kept up to date with Barrie’s progress. For those that haven’t , It was touch and go for a short while but he thankfully came out of Hospital finally on the  12th  of February 2014, I am pleased to say that  he has been discharged from the heart unit , is fit & well, and his hereditary  Kidney Disease is holding relatively static at between 18% and 20%.

I have now nearly finished recording my New Album, untitled as yet, but is with the engineer for a final mix, then put the songs into order, get a title and hopefully will be on release sometime  at the beginning of April / May 2015

Finally a little late I know, but I would like to wish everyone A Happy and Prosperous and of course most important a Healthy 2015

Jan 12 2014

Just to let everyone know,  Barrie has gone into hospital today for his Heart Operation.

A Big thank you to all those that have enquired about his progress to date.

I will post here up to date details  of  his progress over the coming weeks.

Please note  I shall be hopefully carrying out all my booked engagements, where ever possible, however if you are travelling any distance to a club to see me, please call me to make sure everything is going ahead, one never knows under these circumstances, what may have to be cancelled at the last minute.

30 Dec 2013

Just want to wish Everyone:-

A Healthy, Happy and prosperous 2014


See you at Swinton L.N.E.R Club

New Years Eve

Carolann B [DUO] With Allan Watkiss  on Keyboards

5th December 2013

A Big thank you to all those that came with us to Blackpool, for our 2nd Country Music Break,  We had a great time and have posted some photo’s on the Album page, looking forward now to the next Break  at the end Of January 2014, only a few rooms left for that event.

Would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone A Very Happy Christmas

Hope you all have a super holiday, I’m looking forward to a  few days off over  Christmas  and spending a bit of time  with friends Pat & Jeff, especially as Pat is such a wonderful cook - can’t wait for the Xmas Lunch.

And don’t forget to join me for Lunch on Xmas Day 1pm on www.ukcountryradio.com

2nd April 2013

Dad On The Mend,  Thanks to all that sent their good wishes, Now looking forward to the ‘Cruise’ to Portugal and the  ‘Martin Winard Festival’ on Anglesey

With Arizona Wes, We are taking the Caravans down for the week - Lots of things happening UKCountryRadio.com awards are now on and Hoping for lots of votes for my song ‘I Still Miss Someone’ The Hotel Holidays are booking up fairly fast so hoping for a full Hotel again for each event, though we are limiting things to slightly less people so that we can have a bigger dance floor area.

10th Feb 2013

Upset now, Dad is in Hospital  can’t visit him ,  I’m down with a really bad  cough, and bad chest, have had to cancel work and haven’t been out of the house for  nearly a week now, Barrie has it as well but not quite as bad thank goodness, he’s working away whilst he has the chance on updating my website

6th February 2013

Well home at last after a stunning weekend at Blackpool, we had our fingers crossed that our first weekend would go  well, all we can say is that if we are to believe the feedback we received from 46 rooms out of a possible 65 then the weekend was a roaring success and we are now looking forward to our TINSEL & TURKEY 5 day event at the same hotel in November,  up to now we have just over 1/3rd of the rooms booked, with about another 26 people who have said they want to go but haven’t paid there deposits yet - The same weekend for 2014  in February is now 3/4 full

Bookings for both events can be made either Direct to Carolann at her gigs or by Telephone on 01709 370516 or mobile 07956 259771 - THE HOTEL IS NOT ABLE TO TAKE BOOKINGS DIRECT FOR THE CAROLANN  ’B’ BREAKS.

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